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Water Damage Restoration Austin, Tx 78780

Siding was recently done to this home, contractors sent a nail through a plumbing pipe leaking behind the walls for some time. Unfortunately due to the longevity of the damage the wood floors were unsalvageable. Damage extended past the floors with the amount of time the home had to dwell allowed for damage to the cabinets and sheetrock. This dusty project was cleaned, sanitized, remediated and restored in 8 Days. This project took 6 Air Movers, and 1 Dehumidifier. 

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Water Damage to Laminate Free floating floors - Georgetown, TX

Although when you are sold this product you're told it resembles real wood and that is water resistant. What they don't tell you is that it ISN'T waterproof, when water evades the moisture barrier (Plastic Backing of thin pad) at the bottom of the Laminate Free Floating Plank, it simply will not dry. If prolonged it becomes a hotspot for microbial growth. The only way to fully remediate is to remove material and apply dehumidification and air movement to the surrounding wall cavities and base flooring (Concrete/Subfloors).

Free Floating Laminate flooring is UNSALVAGEABLE.

Water Damaged Wood Flooring (Salvaged) - Hutto, TX

Upon inspection majority of our hardwood floor projects are salvageableif responded to water damage in a timely manner. 

In this event customers' upstairs shower pan was clogged and flooded the first and second floor along with damaging insulation in the ceiling causing weak sheetrock and submerging the entire first floor hardwood floors in a few inches of water. 

We were called, arrived promptly and were able to come up with a plan of action, walked through exactly what were going to do leaving the customer worry free, we had everything under control. 

Our certified technicians removed bowing/weak sheetrock damaged by wet insulation, wet insulation is unfortunately unsalvageable and is disposed of. All water damaged material is exposed allowing for a through restorative dry out. We used a Injectidry Rescue mat drying system to save these beautiful floors, pleasing the customer with much savings. Along with the help of power fans and dehumidification. 


Water Damage to Laminate free floating floors

Customer had a Cracked Toilet Tank, and Leaked into the bedroom. He prolonged calling and realized he needed professionals when the flooring started to buckle. The Laminate free floating floors have a plastic layer underneath acting as a moisture barrier and does not allow for a proper dry out.

We were able to fully remediate and restore our customers home with in a matter of no time (with some small improvements). 

Sewage Clean Up

Customer came home to a not so appealing smell only to find the bathrooms covered in her worst nightmare. 


Back flow from a tree root that broke through a pipe on the side of their home, caused damage to not only the customers restroom but affected neighboring bedroom and living room. 

Sewage Clean up has a very detailed oriented procedure to ensure we remediate all effected areas. 

We sanitized and steamed cleaned all areas and applied Dehumidification and air movement to dry the surrounding water damaged structure. 


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