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Mold Removal

Drywall, flooring, and even carpets are not immune to the influence of mold. We'll remove and replace any materials the mold affects.

Mold can be quite the menace to homeowners. Mold can be hard to find and is often quite far spread by the time you notice it. Even worse, certain strains of mold can often pose health risks to a home's occupants.

The modern home is all too often the perfect place for mold to grow. Mold requires only three things to thrive in your home: a damp environment, temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and organic material like wood and drywall. These conditions are frequently found in basements and attics. Consequently, homeowners are right to be concerned about the possibility of mold.

However, A&B Restoration Inc. is here to help with our mold removal and remediation services. Our experienced team knows all about where to find mold and has all the equipment needed to deal with it effectively and quickly. Schedule an estimate today by reaching out to us online or by phone!


A&B Restoration Inc.'s mold removal process

  1. Test: Knowing your enemy is always half the battle. That's why we start every mold removal process by taking samples and identifying exactly what kind of mold you have. This helps us find the solution that will be most effective.
  2. Find the location of the mold: While you might know where some of the mold is located, much of it often remains out of sight behind insulation or drywall. We'll carefully and delicately remove these obstacles so we can identify everywhere there is mold.
  3. Remove affected materials: The ability of mold to quickly spread, especially when disturbed, is one of the reasons it is hard to eliminate. In order to counteract this ability, we'll remove insulation, carpet, drywall, and other materials where it could spread.
  4. Remove the mold: Now that the mold is isolated we will use our knowledge of the mold to find an effective chemical and spray the area. We'll also treat it again after to make sure that the mold won't simply return.
  5. Restore your home: We'll quickly look into what caused the mold in the first place, generally humidity or a water problem, and come up with a solution. With the menace gone, and a plan to prevent it from recurring, we'll start restoring the area to its previous condition. Anything we removed will get returned during this step and you should hardly be able to tell we were even there.


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Mold can be a pervasive irritation or even menace that is very hard to remove without professional help. Luckily you have just the professional team of well-equipped experts you need at A&B Restoration Inc.. Contact us today to schedule your mold removal and remediation estimate and say goodbye to your mold worries!


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