Water Damage Restoration

A&B Restoration Inc. is Austin's first choice for quality water restoration services

storm damage recovery

A storm/ unfortunate event can cause a great deal of damage to your home. We can help with water damage, and more.

Has your home been hit by a storm, another kind of disaster? Our expert team at A&B Restoration Inc. is here to help. It is key that a disaster restoration contractor can answer swiftly and effectively to your problem before it gets worse. That's why our team will quickly respond to your call, analyze the damage, and propose the quickest and most effective solution.

Another major issue with disaster restoration contractors can be their lack of services. All too many contractors only offer one or two types of disaster restoration services. Often disasters will leave more than one type of damage, forcing homeowners to find a second contractor. A&B Restoration Inc. therefore offers the full suite of disaster restoration services so that you won't need two contractors when just one is enough.

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Why A&B Restoration Inc. for your water disaster restoration?

  • Fast response: We know just how critical a quick response can be in these situations and we'll never keep you waiting.
  • Expert and friendly service: Besides being courteous and friendly, our technicians also know all about the breadth of disasters that can strike your home and are prepared to deal with any of them.
  • Insurance company collaboration: Insurance can be a major hassle in disaster situations. We'll work with your insurance company and adjusters to bring about a quick disaster recovery claim number so we can start work ASAP.

Our disaster restoration services

  • Water damage restoration: Water damage from a plumbing failure or flooding can wreak havoc in your home both by damaging your property and providing the conditions needed for mold growth and wood rot. Our team can respond quickly to your needs in order to solve the problem before serious damage occurs.

Our Process: 

  1. Analyze and assess damage: Scope the area, graphing all affected points, taking measurements of affected area, and moisture readings.
  2. Insurance Coverage/ Payment : oversee your policy, obtain a point of contact (adjuster or agent), proposal given
  3. Begin the project: take out affected material, applying drying method (Power Fans & Dehumidifiers), and monitor the site until dry
  4. Begin rebuild: to the return of property to prior state before damage

Our initial goal is to make this restoration process as easy and stress free as possible. We work for you, NOT the insurance company! We don't take any payment up front! We are here to help!

If you are in need of disaster restoration then don't hesitate to seek a qualified disaster restoration contractor. Waiting on restoration services will only lead to more expensive repairs down the line. Contact A&B Restoration Inc. today and we will come inspect your damaged property as quickly as possible!


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