Dirty Water Damage (Types of Water Damage)

Dirty Water Damage (Types of Water Damage)


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Your sump pump gives out and you have water everywhere. You now have a type of water damage that involves water that contains some hazardous contaminants including certain microorganisms that can have a negative health effect if you come into direct contact with or by becoming airborne ( No one should breathe in poop). Most common sources of Dirty Water are the toilet and sump pump. If you ever fall victim to a Dirty Water Damage, you must protect yourself with gloves, rubber boots, goggles and or a face mask when removing the water. But with just removing the water you also have to clean and disinfect the affected areas to prevent yourself from becoming exposed to future health risk. A&B Restoration inc. technicians are fully certified to complete a project that contains dirty water damage, and fully restore your property to before dirty water damage state.


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