FAQ* What do I do if my house floods? - Austin, Tx A&B Restoration Inc.

Everyone always ponders on what they should do when they face a water damage crisis. Who do you call? Where does one even start? Is this covered under my insurance? 

Some people call their insurance company and go from there. But if you google, Water Damage Restoration Austin, you'll get solutions to your problem. 

First Step: 

A Restoration company can come in, evaluate the level of water damage and generate a protocol from that point forward to complete a proper dry out. (We can even come in after you already called and had your insurances’ preferred vendor come to furthermore evaluate as a 2nd opinion, YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT in the State Of Texas to choose your contractors in events like this, almost like using car insurance

Second Step: 

Water Damage Certified Technicians come and remediate the affected area in preparation for restoration. Depending on the amount of damage it averages from 3-5 Days of dry time. 

Third Step: 

Depending on the amount of damage and if you need reconstruction done (Replacing Sheetrock, Relaying of flooring (Carpet, Carpet Pad, Vinyl Plank, Free Floating Laminate Flooring, etc.), Replacing cabinets, etc.). On average take 1-5 days to put your home at its original condition. 

A&B Restoration Inc., assist with all communication to your insurance company, including documentation, and payment processing.  We are available 24/7-365! Call today for a FREE NO OBLIGATION Estimate or a second opinion


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