A&B Restoration Inc. Case Studies: Washer leak in Austin, Tx 78731

Friday, December 13th, 2019 by John Alba


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In Austin, Tx off of Far West blvd, a homeowner sustained damage from a water loss after the drain hose of a washer came out and leaked. The water damage loss was declared category 1, as the water from the source doesn’t pose any substantial harm to people. Water Damage to the baseboards, sheetrock, and to the Free Floating Laminate Flooring, caused for some of the customers propterty to be irremediable. When in doubt they called,  A&B Restoration Inc., and Arnold was there ASAP!


When Arnold C., certified technician arrived on site he analyzed the water loss, explained the scope of the job to a very frantic customer. He explained to the customer why we had to remove the free floating laminate flooring as it has a moisture barrier that will not allow for a proper dry out but not to worry we can dry and salvage the sheetrock. Arnold documented the job from beginning to end so he can communicate all information to her insurance and allowed for a smooth 3 day remediation using 1- DRI EAZ Dehumidifier 5- DRI EAZ power fans to get the job done 


Project Summary

Certified Technician: Arnold C.

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