A&B Restoration Inc. Case Studies: Sewage main back flow, Water Damage loss Austin, Tx 78703

Sunday, December 15th, 2019 by John Alba



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Customer came home from work to a sewage back flow from the main in Austin, Tx 78703, causing lots of water damage to the restroom and its surrounding areas. From receiving the call to opening the front door Arnold knew off the back, “Category 3, Black Water”,  is a type of water that may contain disease-causing organisms, toxins, and is grossly unsanitary. He explained to the customer per protocol some small demo would be done and contaminated items needed to be documented, then set aside for the insurance adjuster’s evaluation before disposal. He insured the customer this is our profession and we are here to work.  



Our technicians analyzed the water damaged areas, proposed a plan of action per category level procedures and got to work. 

Dry wall, installation and all other contaminated unsalvageable materials were removed per protocol for this category level of water damage.

Sanitation to area was done

Dehumidification and air movement was applied to the area along with a HEPA filter air scrubber. 

Project Summary

Certified Technician: Arnold C.

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